Cream Parade, out on Igloo Rec.

Cream Parade is a disoriented walk through Experimental Dance Pop (and incidentally my masterpiece). It was magistrally mixed by Dirk Dresselhaus and mastered by Rashad Becker. It features a great international cast of musicians :

Heidi Heidelberg : Vocals
Adi Gelbart : Organ
Greg Tirtiaux : Saxophone
Yann Lecollaire : Clarinet
Nyllo Canela : Percussion

And the artwork was made by Arnau Pascual Ledesma (who also co-directed the music video for “Internet”)

Out on IGLOO RECORDS in CD/LP/Digital. You can order it here. For press inquiry, please check the contact page

Cream Parade Tour starts today

Cream Parade Tour (first announced dates):

07may    LISBON (Pt) – Bus
09may    PORTO (Pt) – Café au Lait
10may    PONTEVEDRA (Esp) – Liceo Mutante
11may    SANTIAGO (Esp) – La Melona
15may   CHEMNITZ (Deu) – Odradek
16may   PRAGUE (CZ) – Avoid Floating Gallery
17may   MUNICH (Deu) – Tamtam Skybar
18may   STUTTGART (Deu) – Neue Schachtel
25may   LIEGE (Bel) – L’an vert
27may   GENT (Bel) – Trefpunt
29may   LILLE (Fr) – Macondo
30may   PARIS (Fr) – Tba (org. En veux tu en vlà)
31may   LE BLEYMARD (Fr) – Festival d’Olt
01jun     LYON (Fr) – L’atelier des canulars
06jun     LUCERNE (Ch) – Lucerne School of Art & Design
08jun     WINTERTHUR (Ch) – Gisi Fest
10jun     ZURICH (Ch) – Le Boschbar, Fête de la Frite II
12jun     BERLIN (Deu) – Schokoladen (Fourtrack on stage)
13jun     BASEL (Ch) – Renée
14jun    SAARBRUCKEN (Deu) – Tba
15jun    GENEVA (Ch) – Baz’art Festival
20jun    BRUSSELS (Bel) – Le Brass
28jun    BAYONNE (Fr) – Festival EHZ
29jun   CAEN (Fr) – La demeurée
30jun LARZ (Deu) – Fusion Festival new!
04jul    MALMO (Swe) – Far i Hatten
05jul    HARPLINGE (Swe) – Harp Art Lab Festival
09jul    FENGERSFORS (Swe) – Not Quite
20jul    BARCELONA (Esp) – Festa Major del Poble Sec
26jul    NEGENHARRIE (Deu) – Off the Radar Festival
03aug    DALSBRUK (Fin) – Festival Norpas
04aug    DALSBRUK (Fin) – Festival Norpas (Plastic Fanfare) 
17aug OBERSCHEID (Deu) – Kulturtag new!
29aug   MANCHESTER (U.K.) – The Peer Hat
06sep   BELFAST (N-Irl) – The Black Box
12sep  ROUBAIX (Fr) – Crossroads Festival
14sep  TINTIGNY (Bel) – Ans’Art
xxx       JAPAN TOUR
11oct   BRUSSELS – Festival Francofaune (+Band)
24oct   LIEGE (Bel) – CC Chênée
25oct  CHARLEROI (Bel) – Le Vecteur

Live at Les Sessions du Bourdon

Directed by Pablo Lopez

Internet’s music video

A Spanish-Russian-Belgian-Brazilian-German top Casting!

Featuring: Marta Navarro Beltran (as the Cardboardbox Lady) & Liza Penkova (as Internet)
Directed by Arnau Pascual Ledesma & Cassandra Cameo
Edited by Dacio Pinheiro
Screenplay : Manu Louis
Shot by Lionel Ravira, Cassandra Cameo, Loic Carrera
Assistant : Tatiana Mutilva

Internet’s music video to be released this week

Featuring Marta Navarro Beltran (as the Cardboardbox Lady) & Liza Penkova (as Internet), stay tuned!


First Cream Parade’ Songs to be revealed

Pic. : Arnau Pascual Ledesma

Tomorrow, Wednesday the 24th, two Cream Parade’ songs are to be revealed. Check the great London’s Radio Station Resonance F.M. during the Club Integral show at 21H30 (U.K time) & French Radio : Wave Radio at 18h (French time)

Cream Parade Artwork

Cream Parade is Manu Louis’ new album
To be released on May 10th by Igloo Rec.ordes
Artwork : Arnau Pascual Ledesma

Cream Parade Tour

  drawing : Antoine Michel

07 MAY // LISBON (Pt) – Bus org.ass. ter. do ruído (new!)
09 may // PORTO (Pt) – Cafe au Lait (new!)
10 may // PONTEVEDRA (Esp) – Liceo Mutante
11 may // SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA (Esp) – org. La Melona
(venue T.B.A.) (new!)
12 may //BRAGANçA (Pt) – Dedos Bionicos (new!)
15 may // CHEMNITZ (Deu) – Odradek
16 may // PRAGUE (CZ) – Avoid Floating Gallery
17 may // MUNICH (Deu) – Tamtam Skybar
18 may // STUTTGART (Deu) – Neue Schachtel (new!)
25 may // LIEGE (Bel) – L’an vert
27 may // GENT (Bel) – Trefpunt (new!)
29 may // LILLE (Fr) – Macondo (new!)
31 may // LE BLEYMARD (Fr) – Festival d’Olt
01 jun // LYON (Fr) – L’atelier des canulars (new!)
06 jun // LUCERNE (Ch) – Lucerne School of Art & Design
08 jun // WINTERTHUR (Ch) – GGS31 Festival (new!)
10 jun // ZURICH (Ch) – Boschbar
12 jun // BERLIN (Deu) – Schokoladen (Fourtrack on stage)
13 jun // BASEL (Ch) – Renée
14 jun // SAARBRUCKEN (Deu) – Tba
15 jun // GENEVA (Ch) – Baz’art Festival
20 jun // BRUSSELS (Bel) – Brass
28 jun // BAYONNE (Fr) – Festival EHZ
29 jun // CAEN (Fr) – La demeurée (new!)
04 jul  // MALMO (Se) – Far i Hatten
05 jul //  HARPLINGE (Se) – Harp Art Lab
09 jul //  FENGERSFORS (Se) – Not Quite (new!)
20 jul // BARCELONA (Esp) – Festa Major del Poble Sec (new!)
26 jul //  HAMBURG (Deu) – Off the Radar
03 aug // DALSBRUK (Fin) – Festival Norpas
04 aug // DALSBRUK (Fin) – Festival Norpas (Plastic Fanfare)
29 aug // MANCHESTER (U.K.) – The Peer Hat (new!)
06 sep // BELFAST (N-IRL) – The Black Box (new!)
12 sep // ROUBAIX (Fr) – Crossroads Festival (new!)
14 sep // TINTIGNY (Bel) – Ans’Art
24 oct //  LIEGE (Bel) – CC Chênée
25 oct // CHARLEROI (Bel) – Le vecteur (new!)

for booking request: louis(at)

Coltan Mayor Harmonics

– Here is a picture from Escif‘s Magic Piano “Coltan Mayor Harmonics” @Mima, Brussels (an interactive installation for which I   composed the music).
– Opening+Live performance (every hour from 18h-22h), the 1st of february