Picture by Arnau Pascual Ledesma

Manu Louis :

Manu Louis is a prolific composer and performer of experimental chanson, influenced equally by pop, jazz, electronic and 20th Century classical music. In 2016-17 alone, he brought his energetic and unpredictable one-man show to over 200 venues and festivals (many tours in Japan, U.K. Europe, China). Following his work for the 30-piece Orchestra Vivo and for string ensemble O.C.L., Manu is now releasing a hyper-eclectic album about the fairground: Kermesse Machine (+) (Igloo rec.).

Building on the momentum of his debut 7” single for Berlin label New Pangea, Manu’s first full-length solo album delivers a warped mix of post-modern pop, where luxurious horns elegantly collide with cheap synths to cradle his lyrical observations, sung in French and English.
Recorded in Berlin, Brussels and Rome, Kermesse Machine combines the exotic glamour of the Anglo pop of Manu’s childhood with the tacky sounds of Belgian popular music that he always did his best to ignore (brass band, Eurodance, industrial trance, wedding performers).
In the artist’s own words, the record is “a mountain of plastic glasses in the streets the morning after, a tropical digital marching band, a guy giving all he’s got at Karaoke because there’s nowhere left to sing, a gypsy virtuoso playing synth with a trumpet sound.”


Music from the Hotdog Stand

From Kermesse Machine (LP/CD), Igloo Records)
Video directed by Dacio Pinheiro
November 2016

Tchouang Tseu (was at the Kermesse of M.Ha)

From Kermesse Machine (LP/CD), Igloo Records)
Video directed by Mathieu Labaye
Produced by Camera etc.
September 2015

It’s my Birthday (live)

Solo Show
November 2016


Playback (live)

Solo Show
November 2016


A treasure (live)

with Orchestra Vivo (dir. G.List)
Liège 2012

Vélo (Installation)

Permanent Installation @ Festival des 5 Saisons (click here for more)
Chaudfontaine 2013 (a film by Lionel Ravira)

Chomon (live)

Manu Louis & Truna live Soundtrack on Segundo de Chomon’s films
Valencia 2013