Picture : Arnau Pascual Ledesma

Manu Louis :

Manu Louis was described by French newspaper Libération as “the braggart of kitsch”. That’s the price to pay for an eccentric songwriter and jack-of-all-trades composer who spends his time decontextualizationg high and low culture to create provocative juxtapositions. His general blueprint remains the same throughout all of his efforts, but the ingredients he uses may vary: from dissident chanson française, heroic jazz and 20th-century contemporary music to art-pop and DIY electronics.

In 2016, Manu Louis released his debut album, Kermesse Machine, on Igloo Records and performed at over 200 festivals and clubs across Europe, the U.K., Japan and China, refining his solo show into what’s become a must-see. Surrounded by a village of electronic instruments, a guitar and video projections, Manu delivers a passionate performance that eventually switches gears into an impromptu discotheque that gets the audience moving.

Apart from his digital activities, Manu also composes music for chamber orchestras, string ensemble and fanfares. Cream Parade, his newly recorded album, is being prepared for release on Igloo Records in May 2019.

Music from the Hotdog Stand

From Kermesse Machine (LP/CD), Igloo Records)
Video directed by Dacio Pinheiro
November 2016

Tchouang Tseu (was at the Kermesse of M.Ha)

From Kermesse Machine (LP/CD), Igloo Records)
Video directed by Mathieu Labaye
Produced by Camera etc.
September 2015

It’s my Birthday (live)

Solo Show
November 2016


Playback (live)

Solo Show
November 2016


A treasure (live)

with Orchestra Vivo (dir. G.List)
Liège 2012

Vélo (Installation)

Permanent Installation @ Festival des 5 Saisons (click here for more)
Chaudfontaine 2013 (a film by Lionel Ravira)

Chomon (live)

Manu Louis & Truna live Soundtrack on Segundo de Chomon’s films
Valencia 2013