Hi-fi vs Lo-fi on Miami’s Jolt Radio


Join us today at 15h (Miami time) or 21h (Berlin time) on Jolt Radio for the new UI Pick. I’ll present a 1 hour mix about HI FI vs LO FI Music (chamber music composer vs bedroom music composer).

Scan it


OUT TODAY ON TAPE : The Kooky Nuts Pop vol 4‘s compilation on Wroclaw Label Istotne Nagr. featuring my song SCAN IT

And if we were all rich, released today


Two Stage Classics release for the Bandcamp Day! Also available on Spotify etc..

J’aime encore bien


Presenting (in French) ten albums, re-organised into five imaginary collaborations (Miles Davis conducting The Cure, Boulez writing a musical theory book for David Bowie, Sidney Bechet improvising on Nancarrow’s studies for piano…)

June Newsletter#22


Bandcamp, Remixes, Garden & Bathroom Music here

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Cream Parade Remixes out in Digital too


Vinyl is to be found here

Der Romantische Garten DJ Set


Ambitious Lovers!

John Cage, contemporary art & the Serialists tried to get rid of them… Now is the time; Let’s bring our big heart home! (until we want to get rid of them again….)This DJ set, animated in a quarantined Mediterranean Garden by professional nutter Manu Louis, will start where Schoenberg left romantic music and will go through Pudic Pop Songwriters, XXth century composers & free jazz saxophonists.

Find this 1 mix in video premiered by GONZAI here


  pic. by Diego Bié

From the Bathroom I


From the Bathroom II


Cream Parade Remixes is out


Worst moment ever to release a record = Cream Parade Remixes is out!

Internet and My wife is leaving me for the Prime Minister, two songs from my latest LP Cream Parade, have been remixed into dancefloor super hits by professional sexy Bpm duo FRONT DE CADEAUX and dubby romantic warrior TOO SMOOTH CHRIST.

Brussels labels Le Pacifique Records along with IGLOO Records just released a beautiful 12” with this music.

If you want this vinyl, you should be quick because it’s apparently disappearing from the lockdown Record Shops faster than the concerts in my agenda.

🍎 You can order/Listen to it here