New Mix on Noods Radio


My first mix for the great Bristol based Radio. 1 hour exploring the connections between Pudic Pop Songwriters, XXth century composers, free jazz saxophonists and sexy bpm producers. Here

Saxophone Mix for Ouiedire feat. Hector Arnau


After having been saved from Covid precarity with a composition grant, I considered I owe my native country (too often mocked by the French and by myself) something back. So, let’s bring to the fore the greatest Belgian instrument of all : The Saxophone. Here it is, babies, just for you : a Dixieland arrangement of my club music’s favorite in a rough & tumble 1-hour mixtape that swings a lot and hurts a bit, like in all good blues. That’s not all, on the way to reach the saxophone climax, we accidentally found the perfect brother for the fake brass when direct from Valencia City unexpectedly, Hector Arnau joined as the Karaoke Superstar of the party.

Check it here 

December Newsletter


Newsletter#25 : 80’s aerobic, chamber vs bedroom music composers and wasser musik (here)


From the Bathroom III


Scan it! New music video premiered by SKUG


“Der Iannis Xenakis des Dancefloor”


Premiered and reviewed by Viennese Magazine SKUG

Hi-Fi vs Lo-Fi online


As part of the UI Pick (from the beloved Underground Institute), I did a 1hour mix/talk about Hi-fi vs Lo-fi on Miami’s Jolt Radio Using here the classic opposition Hi-fI – Lo-Fi to explore and put side by side two different kind of composers/worlds : Bedroom Music Composers (Lo-Fi) vs Chamber Music composers (Hi-Fi).

October Newsletter


Newsletter24# – Vinyl, Tape and Bathroom (click here)

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New Remix of Lumpen Nobleman


Very happy and honoured to take part in this new release by Lumpen Nobleman (Extra Normal Records) featuring original by LN and remixes by Adrian Sherwood, Coldnose, Mariam Rezaei, Helena Celle , Don’t DJ, Joe Howe and myself.

30 copies can be pre-ordered from my Bandcamp

Hi-fi vs Lo-fi on Miami’s Jolt Radio


Join us today at 15h (Miami time) or 21h (Berlin time) on Jolt Radio for the new UI Pick. I’ll present a 1 hour mix about HI FI vs LO FI Music (chamber music composer vs bedroom music composer).

Scan it


OUT TODAY ON TAPE : The Kooky Nuts Pop vol 4‘s compilation on Wroclaw Label Istotne Nagr. featuring my song SCAN IT