Underground Institute Mixes and Interviews


Check this 1 hour mix I made on REBOOT.FM featuring only music from artists who performed at our festival

With Mary Ocher we were also on SAMEHEADS Radio

Interview with Cedrik Fermont

Interview with Tomas Nochteff (Mueran Humanos)

Underground Institute Festival


Look at this line up! With Mary Ocher in collaboration with amSTART we’ve curated a 3 days festival in Berlin.
Supported by Musikfonds.
Artwork by Till Sperrle.

Lecture : The eclectic music of Garrett List from New York Postmodernisme to The Pousseur’years of the Liège’s Conservatoire


I gave a lecture at the Royal Conservatoire de Liège around Garrett List music and thes postmodern composer generation ( Rzewski, Braxton, Lacy)



À une époque où les nouvelles musiques naissent naturellement hybrides, se replonger dans celle de Garrett List et ses contemporains semble plus que jamais pertinent. Cette conférence autour de la musique du compositeur états-unien également professeur au Conservatoire de Liège, tentera de nous guider à travers l’approche musicale de List et sa génération, de sa genèse à sa transmission. Nous partirons d’abord du New York des années 70 où les musiciens arrivés après John Cage et le Be-bop (Braxton, Lacy, Rzewski, Bley et List) cherchent une voix nouvelle en mélangeant le jazz, la musique classique, pop et électronique. Puis à Liège dans les années 80 où le CRLG, refaçonné par Henri Pousseur, devient un lieu unique en Europe d’expérimentation et d’éclectisme marquant la musique belge pendant plusieurs générations.

Music for Trees : A Tribute To Garrett List


MUSIC FOR TREES a Tribute to Garrett List
Ex-professor then colleague, Garrett List, who worked with Anthony Braxton, John Cage, Mev, Morton Feldman to name but a few, sadly passed away two years ago. In the eighties, he wrote a beautiful suite of 24 pieces dedicated to 24 trees. 
As a tribute to the big man, WCM and Vivo decided to perform for the first time the complete suite (4 hours of music, in 4 concerts) which goes from symphonic orchestra to electronic music pieces. Every piece is introduced with a text by Paul Pacquay, read by Stage director Denis Mpunga. Adrien Lambinet and myself are the happy artistic directors of the project, arrangers of the pieces never performed before and violinist therapists.  More info here



PART 1 – Small chamber works
Festival de Liège, Feb10 
PART 2 – Symphonic part 1
Salle Philarmonique, Mar30
PART 3 – Large Chamber Orchestra and Electronics
Théatre de Liège, Mithra Jazz Fest, May12
PART 4 – Symphonic part 2
Salle Philarmonique, Nov26

Maleta con ruedas de turista vegano


First release by Las vacaciones tristes de Héctor Arnau y Manu Louis

New Mix on Noods Radio


My first mix for the great Bristol based Radio. 1 hour exploring the connections between Pudic Pop Songwriters, XXth century composers, free jazz saxophonists and sexy bpm producers. Here

Saxophone Mix for Ouiedire feat. Hector Arnau


After having been saved from Covid precarity with a composition grant, I considered I owe my native country (too often mocked by the French and by myself) something back. So, let’s bring to the fore the greatest Belgian instrument of all : The Saxophone. Here it is, babies, just for you : a Dixieland arrangement of my club music’s favorite in a rough & tumble 1-hour mixtape that swings a lot and hurts a bit, like in all good blues. That’s not all, on the way to reach the saxophone climax, we accidentally found the perfect brother for the fake brass when direct from Valencia City unexpectedly, Hector Arnau joined as the Karaoke Superstar of the party.

Check it here 

December Newsletter


Newsletter#25 : 80’s aerobic, chamber vs bedroom music composers and wasser musik (here)