Zero Carbon Records

Keep the shape Louis !

With French composer Sylvain Chauveau, we‘re now launching an impossible label : Zero Carbon Records.

The beauty of Zero Carbon for a label founder is that it makes recording and record manufacturing impossible.

Fortunately, our born-failure label already found a reconversion in sport and scout guitars.

We will now deliver you those impossible-to-record new music as 100% acoustic show  (zero amplification) carried from city to city biking.

Sylvain and I will be experimenting a first tour of that kind next spring before we hopefully send more people on the road (for example Julian Sartorius) in 2024! (get in touch if interested).

2023 Spring Tour Route
May28 GENT (BE) (60 km) concert Trefpunt 
May30 MOUSCRON (BE) (60 km)  concert La faune
May31 LILLE (FR) (32 km)
June1 LILLE(FR) résidence Avant Post
June2 LILLE (FR) résidence Avant Post
June3 LILLE (FR) concert La maison folie
June4 TOURNAI (BE) concert Silex (26 km) 
June5 MONS (BE) (54 km)  FREE!
June6 CHARLEROI (BE) (57 km) FREE! 
June7 NAMUR (BE). (43 km)  FREE!
June8 HUY (BE)  (33 km)  FREE!
June9 LIEGE (BE) (33 km) concerts (org D’Une certaine Gaieté)
June11 MAASTRICHT (NL) (34 km) concert Lutherse Kerk 
June12 HASSELT (BE) (31 km) Home concert
June13 LEUVEN (BE) (52 km)   FREE! 
June14 BRUSSELS (BE) (29 km)  concert Brass