KERMESSE MACHINE : LOUIS’ brand new adventure!



Louis’ new music is now ready!
A Kermesse/Country Rock/Electro’s serie of songs about a miniature Village Party


  • Johan Dupont : Kbd/Trumpet
  • Manu Louis : Gtr/Voice/Drum Machine/Sampler

Concerts (more info here):

  • 29/08 Bruxelles (+ Antoine Loyer)
  • 19/09 Haut-Ittre (+Antoine Loyer)
  • 12/10 Bruxelles
  • 13/10 Li├Ęge (+ Antoine Loyer)
  • 04/11 Bruxelles


live at Nouba Nouba

New video in the Music for Garden‘s page


Live performance by the Gardening Group at Nouba Nouba, a film by Lionel Ravira