Manu Louis is currently preparing the premiere of Fanfare! : a serie of compositions for Fanfares and other traditional countryside instruments.
It will be performed for the first time the 3rd of May in Namur (B) – 17h, place de l’Ange (free) as a part of Les Voisins sont des Indiens (Théâtre de Namur, artistic dir: W.Moron) by Manu Louis, The DLB Concert Band, 10 Scouts (guitarists/singers), 25 Plastic Pipes, 3 other Fanfares & Werner Moron (slam).



Artwork : Mijo Miquel

The program of the day:

  • Plastic fanfare (for 25 plastic Pipes & Concert Band)
  • Scout (for 10 Scouts (singer/guitarist), Wind instrument & Snare)
  • Le cortège (for Fanfare & Slam)
  • Je suis un Indien (for 4 Fanfares)
  • I’m the Big Balloon (for 4 Fanfares)

– Click here to hear some extracts –


Chomon in Berlin

New video in the concert section : a memory from the last Chomon Tour with Truna live at the radio in Berlin (Ineedradio).


Manu Louis, Truna & Chomon together again

Manu Louis & Truna will perform again their live soundtrack on Segundo de CHOMON’s films (1905-1915)



CONCERTS (more info in the concerts section)

  • 13 of march – VALENCIA (S)
  • 22 of march – BRUXELLES (B)
  • 27 of march – BERLIN (D)
  • 28 of march – BERLIN (D)
  • 29 of march – BERLIN (D)
  • 31 of march – LUXEMBOURG (L)
  • 2 of april      – LIEGE (B)
  • 6 of april      – BRUXELLES (B)


Orchestra Vivo // new album

The Orchestra Vivo (direction Garrett List) will soon release a new album (Sowarex/Igloo).

It features music by Garrett List, Emmanuel Bailly, André Klénes, Aurélie Charneux and also Manu Louis performing his garden song A Treasure in a new arrangement .
Concert release party : 22 of march, Théâtre de Liège (B)

Scratch for String Quartet & Tape

Manu Louis just finished Scratch: a piece for String Quartet & Tape (the recording of 800 taxis honking in a demonstration (catched by chance while walking in the streets).
The score is  now available for free in the score section (click here).

Also available from now, an updated version of La gobba lei sa, (for Strings & minimalist Piano).

page3 scratch

– More info about a performance soon –

Kermesse Machine, the next album


Manu Louis and his band will record a new album in january  : Kermesse Machine


Picture : Mijo Miquel

Before that, you’ll have several chance to hear Manu Louis’ new music in Belgium (more info in the Concert section).


  • 12 of October – Bruxelles
  • 13 of October – Liège
  • 4 of November – Bruxelles
  • 6 of December – Ostende

Manu Louis & Truna : CHOMON


Manu LOUIS & the spanish cellist/instrument builder TRUNA will perform once again their live soundtrack on SEGUNDO DE CHOMON’s films (1905-1915)


CONCERTS (click here for more infos)

  • 4th October, Valencia, Spain


New performances with the 30 piece Orchestra VIVO

Manu Louis will perform again the Garden Song A Treasure with the 30 piece Orchestra VIVO (dir. G.List).

There will also be music by Aurélie Charneux, Emmanuel Bailly and Garrett List.


CONCERTS (more info click here)

  • 03/06 Chênée (B)
  • 14/09 Marche en Famenne (B),
  • 26/09 Tournai (B),
  • 22/11 Huy (B),
  • 01/12 Lessines (B)
  • 14/12 Sprimont(B)
  • 21/03 Liège (B)

Special Concert

For the first time and for one night only, Manu Louis will perform with guitarist Negro and cellist/instrument builder Truna, in Valencia (E).



KERMESSE MACHINE : LOUIS’ brand new adventure!



Louis’ new music is now ready!
A Kermesse/Country Rock/Electro’s serie of songs about a miniature Village Party


  • Johan Dupont : Kbd/Trumpet
  • Manu Louis : Gtr/Voice/Drum Machine/Sampler

Concerts (more info here):

  • 29/08 Bruxelles (+ Antoine Loyer)
  • 19/09 Haut-Ittre (+Antoine Loyer)
  • 12/10 Bruxelles
  • 13/10 Liège (+ Antoine Loyer)
  • 04/11 Bruxelles