First Reviews

Extra groovy music to make the lunacy be all nicely balanced out!” Yeah I know It sucks (U.K.)

“A pilotless journey in fact, into the all-consuming matrix, an augur alarm before it’s all too late” Monolith Cocktail (U.K.)

“Manu “funk Sinatra” Louis, (…) travel around the world with a double goal in mind: make his listeners thinking and dancing until they die  Jazz Around (Bel)

“If you’re in the mood for something fresh, a bit off-balanced and with personality disorder, but which sounds like the author perfectly knows what he’s doing, then you should give “Cream Parade” a chance” Laboratorium Muzycznych Fuzji (Pol)

“Funky, funny and now and then a little churned up. Like a dignified evening in the Berlin nightlife” CURT (Deu)

“Sometimes, the beauty of art lies within the things you can’t grip or comprehend. Sometimes, music which plays with both familiar elements and progressive, experimental ideas can reach this special beauty with the tensions those two contrasts provide. It’s kind of a struggle sometimes, but if the artist can strike the right balance, there is symbiosis to achieve. Belgian-born and now Berlin-resident Manu Louis is such an artist. ”  Everything is noise (U.K.)

“An album of such density that it bridges the gap between thought provoking and accessible”  Dancing About Architechture (U.K.)

“A wonderful album to listen to full of swinging music, which is a mix of jazz, electro and dance”  New Underground Music (Bel)

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