Club Copy is out!

Club Copy brings us a futuristic world dominated by standardisation, in which, your place on Earth no longer matters. In Paris, Bangkok or Hanoi everything is the same. Visitors are doomed to find the same street, the same shops, playing the same music, frequented by people wearing the same clothes, made in the same places…
However in one of these towns, a small oasis of resistance is emerging in spite of itself.
Club Copy, a small, outdated photocopying centre has been converted into an alternative venue.
Here, each photocopy generates new variations. Because of the obsolescence of the equipment and the technical incompetence of its managers, it is impossible to make a photocopy without deviating from the original.
Initially on the verge of bankruptcy, the shop soon becomes a new place of resistance for the freaks….
Built on the ashes of Manu Louis’ latest release (Front de Cadeaux’s remix of Internet), Club Copy bounces again to the sexy BPM of the slowed-down clubs.
Manu is joined by an impressive cast of collaborators: Spanish singer from Las Victimas Civiles, HĂ©ctor Arnau; Brussels experimental jazz vocalist, Lynn Cassiers; and performer Vicente Arlandis offer their voices. Mastering by the cult Rashad Becker sculpts the bass and widens the space, and Spanish artist Escif’s hijacked covers plunge us into the heart of the beauty of the photocopy shop. Club Copy is undoubtedly the Berlin singer/producer’s most accomplished, touching and disturbing work to date.

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