We are not flowers

Anne Gennen : Sax/Voice
Manu Louis : Voice/guitar

Words and Music : Manu Louis

Mix : JK
Master : Gaetan Streel
Produced by Eugénie Aka
Add. Percussions : JK
Add. Trombone/Tuba : Adrien Lambinet
Artwork : Mijo Miquel

We Are Not Flowers / 2004-2006


We are not flowers is a lyrico-punk cabaret about Gargoyles, an incursion between acoustic trash and chamber music in French and continental English. Performed mainly as a duo by Anne Gennen (saxophone/voice) and Manu Louis (guitar/voice) it features the songs : "the Gargoyles don't like your Pop Music" (Blou Blou Blou...Youhou), the one everyone could sing in the shower (le Chant du Beton), the We are not Flowers anthem (l'Hymne) and the story of a guy who's head is being eaten by somebody else (tête à tête).