Play some Music about your Garden
(, 2008)
Emmanuel Godinot : Flute
Martin Lauwers : Violin
Marine Horbaczewski : Cello
ManuLouis : Voice/guitar

Words and Music : Manu Louis

Rec: Flavio Marreda
Mix/master : Michel Van Achter
Add. voice (2,3) : Mr Diagonal
Picture : Marc Wendelski

Music for Garden / 2007-2009

"...a bit like in good old Mozart's day, you could invite a chamber group into your Garden."

Odémon Latour Lejeune




Louis created a little chamber group to perform music in and about Garden. For three years they played on the grass only and released an album.
Alternating invigorating softness and savage flights of fancy, "Music for Garden” concentrates all that one would wish to find in a garden: a singing butterfly (Papillon! Mais Vous Chantez!), a dead bird (Damned! Un Oiseau Mort), a sex maniac gardener (Gardening with Love), an accidental goldfish murder (les Mémoires d'un Poisson Rouge), a plaster (Sparadrap). Floating on a fresh and elegant music that few would hesitate to call “baroque pop”.


film : Lionel Ravira