Season 6, Life in the Sky
(Paracommand'art, 2011)

Anne Gennen : Sax/Voice
Martin Lauwers : Key/Violin
Manu Louis : Voice/guitar
Jean-François Debry : Bass
Etienne Plumer : Drums

Words and Music : Manu Louis

Rec/mix : Etienne Plumer, L.L.
Master : Christophe Roth
Drawing : Werner Moron
Layout : Pierre Geurts

Funk Sinatra’ Season 6 / 2011

Life in the sky


"Louis Louis"Season 6              drawing : Werner Moron

Life in the sky was conceived as a collection of short stories. It speaks about walking in the sky (It's magic here), falling from the sky (I'm the big Balloon), hazy apparitions (He is here again), poetically-motivated assassins (Excusez-moi monsieur mais il neige sur votre tête). The music stands somewhere between lyrical pop and folk music from nowhere.