Season 4, The Mysterious Walk
(, 2007)

Emmanuel Godinot : Flute
Martin Lauwers : Violin
Anne Gennen : Sax/Voice
Manu Louis : Voice/guitar
Jean-François Debry : Bass
Antoine Michel : Drums

Words and Music : Manu Louis

Rec/mix : Michel Van Achter
Master : Flavio Marreda
Musical direction : André Klenes
Sound Ambiancer : Sacha Toorop
Picture/Layout : Please let me design

Funk Sinatra’ Season 4 / 2007

The Mysterious Walk



                                                                                                                            Artwork : Mijo Miquel


The Mysterious Walk begins like a quiet flying poppy adventure (almost Jeff Buckley!) until a chamber orchestra (la ballade mystérieuse) disappears.  Suddenly everything changes into a Brueguelien landscape with songs about delicatessens (Expression Salaison), an announcement for Season 5's adventure in the King's Castle (Nous Assistons à la Fête du Roi), a boogie-woogie in german (I can't Believe this is just a Boogie) and the self portrait of Manu Louis.