Season 3
(, 2007)

Emmanuel Godinot : Flute
Martin Lauwers : Violin
Anne Gennen : Sax/Voice
Manu Louis : Voice/Guitar
Jean-François Debry : Bass
Antoine Michel : Drums

Words and Music : Manu Louis

Rec : Jean-François Hustin
Mix : Michel Van Achter
Master : Flavio Marreda
Musical direction : André Klenes
Sound Ambiancer : Nico Roig
Picture/Layout : Please let me design

Funk Sinatra’ Season 3 / 2007

11 Histoires aux fins plus ou moins étranges selon les cas


                                                                                                                           Artwork : Mijo Miquel


Funk Sinatra and Manu Louis' debut album, 11 Stories with Endings More or Less Strange According to the Case is a suite of songs and instrumental pieces related by fragments of stories, developed throughout the whole album. Performed by the unusual instrumentation of: flute, violin, alto sax, guitar, bass, drums and voices, it contains the ardennais fanfare-ish (An Amazing White Light), Matthieu Chedid's imaginary point of view about little voices he hears during the night (Sacrés Maudits Chants), the ever-rising instrumental rock 'n' roll (a Last Twist) and a bucolic ballad (19h30 un Soir de Printemps).