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Plastic Fanfare / 2012-…

Manu Louis and Concert Band, Fanfares, Brass quintet, Marching band etc.  take to the streets in a musical circus composed of several site-specific pieces

DLB Concert Band (dir: Eric Hotyat)
Manu Louis : voice/guitar/electronics
Music & Words : Manu Louis
Recording/mix/mastering : Alex Davidson
Recorded as part of Les voisins sont des indiens (artistic direction : Werner Moron)

Le Cortege / The Procession

A procession for walking musiciens.



Hommage a la Mer /A tribute to the sea
fanfarres_3_louislouisA piece about the sea to perform on the sea-front.



Julien Gilbert et les Soufflets
A suite for Concert Band telling the story of the character Julien Gilbert and his fanfare "les soufflets" who decided one day to storm the administration.


                     and more to come...